Marc Hardy

Marc Hardy was born in Key West, FL. but raised in Indianapolis, IN. in a single-parent household. He is no stranger to problem-solving and helping other people who need it. Marc has an entrepreneurial mindset who studied Sociology and African American Diaspora Studies at Indiana University - Bloomington. He has worked in education on levels Kindergarten through High School in both Indianapolis and the Bay Area, California. His passion to mold students into well-rounded citizens drives him every day.

After writing his first book, CAN I BE REAL, Marc decided he wanted to further the conversation of brainstorming ways people can help fight systemic racism. CAN I BE REAL has sold over 1k copies and counting! Since its release, Marc has formed a 501c3 nonprofit named CAN I BE REAL Inc. CIBR’S goal is to inspire people to take tangible action against injustice, in their own way. CIBR Inc. does this through public speaking engagements, MY PLAN Workshop facilitation, presentations, and charity events. One day, Marc hopes to run CIBR Inc. full time. He believes CIBR Inc. will be a learning hub of all things diversity, equity, and inclusion that will help people all around the world to have real conversations and create real solutions.

Andrew Adeniyi

As a first generation Nigerian-American, Andrew has experienced first hand the value of cultural awareness. Andrew is a strategic thinker who studied Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation at Indiana University Bloomington. While working in executive level management for Aldi & Kroger, Andrew completed his Master’s of Science from Michigan State University. Andrew’s advanced degree in Management, Strategy & Leadership helped reinforce his experience in HR, consulting, operations, and more.
Andrew is passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategy, HR, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Andrew strives to empower and equip leaders with the resources and tools necessary to uplift communities.

Lauren McKinney

Lauren is a pediatric speech language pathologist with a passion for servicing and support families and children in underserved and minority populations in the early intervention therapy setting. Lauren has experience working with and researching multicultural and multilingual pediatric populations and how environment and experience affect speech, language, and overall development. Lauren received her bachelors degree in communication and hearing sciences from Indiana University and masters degree in speech language pathology from the University of Cincinnati. 

Lauren strives to spread awareness about the importance of foundational development skills for toddlers and children and making sure that these skills are fostered by families and service providers in culturally competent and functional ways.

Darius Sawyers

Darius is a principal at an Indianapolis public charter school. He has a heart to end educational inequity, as a student's zip code should not predict their academic outcomes. In order to end this inequity, finding staff who understand the cultural backgrounds of the students they serve is paramount. Darius is passionate about growing educators through culturally responsive best practices, while meeting the social emotional needs of students.

Darius is an Indianapolis native who matriculated through Indianapolis Public Schools. He received his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University and two masters degrees in education from Marian University and Columbia University.

Lloyd McKinney

Lloyd McKinney is an award-winning High School Social Studies Instructor from the Indianapolis area. He decided to major in Secondary Social Studies Education at Indiana University Bloomington so he could have the opportunity to lead as well as mentor young adults. Now, as a 2013 graduate of the Wendell Wright School of Education and an Indiana licensed Department of Education Historical Perspectives Instructor, he has been able to gain experience as a Secondary School Teacher at West Lane Middle School as well as North Central High School in the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township. He has taught 7th Grade World History, 8th Grade United States History, College Preparatory Geography and History of the World, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, with an emphasis on Psychology and Sociology. He has entered his sixth year of teaching within the Social Studies Department at North Central High School. Lloyd recently graduated with his Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis in December of 2018, he looks forward to working as an administrator to improve schools by creating solutions surrounding equity and social justice to better the Indianapolis community.